Regular Chimney Sweep Maintenance & Repair

As a homeowner or property owner, making sure that your chimney is properly maintained and repaired when needed is very important. Chimneys are an important part of the heating system and need to receive regular maintenance and repairs. Regular maintenance and catching minor repairs early will save you a great deal of money in the long run. If any problem is not taken care of early, it can rapidly become a bigger problem and very costly to repair. Additionally, if a problem is not spotted early it can also cause a very dangerous safety hazard. It is very important to make sure your chimney receives regular maintenance and repairs when necessary. In our opinion, the COD fuel office really knows how to keep customers with their superior prices and professionalism.

The following are different ways to keep your chimney in tip top shape:

book-691407_1280Depending on where you live, animals can be a problem. Unfortunately, many different types of animals may try to live in your chimney. Some animals that are notorious for this are raccoons, squirrels, birds, rodents, and more.  Having animals removed from your chimney is not only humane, but it is safer for everyone involved. If an animal or animals have decided to take residence in your chimney, it is a good idea to consider hiring a professional to help remove any them and any of their babies from your chimney. A professional can even install a raccoon-proof chimney cap to keep raccoons and other various animals from making the chimney their home. Are you finding critters underneath your floorboards as well? Contact a flooring long island specialist to have that issue taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Chimney sweeping becomes necessary over time. When you use your fireplace or a wood stove regularly, creosote builds up. It needs to be removed from the chimney to prevent the possibility of causing a fire. A fire that is started by the build-up of creosote in a chimney burns very hot and fast.

The flue is located inside the chimney. It helps to remove the exhaust from a wood stove or the fireplace. Over time, it is possible for the flue to become blocked or damaged. Creosote build-up also occurs in the flue and can be a fire hazard. A professional can help repair, clean, or even replace the flue if necessary to reduce the risk of a potential fire.

When the fireplace is not being used the damper closes the flue. The damper helps keep heat from escaping from your house during cold weather and during warmer months it helps keep air conditioning from escaping your house as well. A professional can help repair or replace any damaged dampers. This will help reduce both your heating and cooling bills.

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